What are YOUR biggest problems;


Then we can help you!!  At BDM Credit Management, we specialise in helpan Accounts Receivable and Credit and Collection Services that become an integral part of your business.

We remove the stress of unpaid accounts and demystify the process of the management of YOUR debtors.  It is our mission to enable you to make the most of the opportunities that a strong cash flow will bring.

We achieve this by offering our Outsourcing Services (we do it for you) or our Assessment,  Analysis and Implementation and Support services. (Working out what you do, what you need, offering the solution, and ALWAYS supporting your team every step of the way.)

When you engage BDM Credit Management, you free yourself and your team to do what you do best – growing and building your business.

BDM Credit Management – Your customers are just as important as ours!

What can BDM Credit Management do for your business?

If your business is profitable, but is short on cash, then cash flow is your priority. It is usually a sign that your Accounts Receivables have increased significantly, perhaps you are offering extended terms to your customers, but more than likely, your customers have taken those extra terms and need to be brought back to agreed terms.

Cash is not given. It does not arrive in your bank account willingly. It has to be tracked, chased and captured. This process needs to be controlled and there is always scope for improvement.

Consistent contact and building relationships with the debtors is the key to getting paid.

Your BDM Credit Manager will check your debtors balances each day, and will follow up any unpaid accounts, we work hard to establish and maintain positive relationships with your customers.

If your business makes 15% profit on sales, a bad debt of $15,000 wipes out the effort of $100,000 of sales.

There are usually tell-tale signs or ‘red flags’ that your customers may be experiencing difficulty… and usually it is a gradual process.

By being in regular contact with your customer’s Accounts Payable department each week, we will be able to identify those customers that are posing a higher risk to your business.

We can then work together on how best to assist your customer and maintain their business while keeping your risk to a minimum, and you will see a reduction in bad debts as a result.

Knowledge is Power. We take note of when customers pay, when they close off for the month, what their processes are (if any) and work with them to obtain your payment for you.

We can also identify the clients who are struggling to pay on time.  This can allow more dialogue to understand their issues, or, if need be, to let these clients go, and shore up your cash flow power.

This can happen both ways.

If you’re unable to pay YOUR suppliers because of people who owe you money, then those relationships are going to suffer.

For the people who owe you money, if they recognise your number and think – he/she is just ringing me to ask for money – they don’t pick up, and then that relationship will also suffer.

This will cause money issues, business issues, and stress. Not good.

A client of ours recently told us that since we call his clients for payment, his clients are now answering the phone when he calls  them. Why? Because they know he isn’t ringing them to ask for money. (As that is what WE do)  This has resulted in increased sales as his clients will chat to him or visit him at his office to chat about prospective tenders and other large orders, comfortable that there will be no discussion regarding payment of their account.

PLUS, now that he has a Credit & Collections department, (us), he appears to have a growing business, with more staff. This image has impressed people, and he is getting more sales now. He is looking and behaving more professional, and it shows.

You can have every confidence that your customers will appreciate our approach, as we believe your customers are just as important as ours.

You will receive weekly summary reports on your customers, their outstanding debts, how well they are responding to our processes, and more.

As we contact your customers, we also update your customer database with relevant notes, which will give you up to date information on our progress.

There is legislation, rules and regulations, which apply to the collection of monies owed. We know them so you don’t have to. We work within these rules to protect you and your company from any legal threat or prosecution. You wouldn’t want to accidentally break the law when it came to contacting people who owe you money. That would just cost you MORE!

  • Competition and Consumer Act
    • Guidelines for customer contact, the type of contact and the frequency of contact.
  • Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA)
    • This means you retain ownership of your goods until all monies are paid
    • There is a PPSA Register which you can add details of your property.
  • Changes to the Privacy Act.
    • Changes came into effect on the 12th of March 2014 which included a new set of principles around how personal and private information is collected and stored and used.
    • Your business might need to change your credit application process, your Privacy Policies and more
We provide weekly or monthly reports on your aged debtors, which includes who we have contacted by date, and a summary of that contact.

We also update your system with our contact notes each day.

Communication to you and your business is a vital part of what we do.

One of the most important documents within a business, is the Credit Policy.

It is an internal document that ensures that all staff understand the rules and guidelines of dealing with your debtors.

With your Accounts Receivable humming along, you and your team can get back to doing what you do best, and leave the issue of money to us.


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