We love doing what we do, having a positive impact on your business.

BDM, Turning your cashflow, the right way round.

Welcome to BDM Credit Management

Tracy Fowler is the heart of BDM Credit Management. She has over 30 years’ experience in the credit industry, intially life as a Credit Officer and Credit Controller, where she honed her collection skills, until becoming a National Credit Manager, responsible for Australia and New Zealand for two very different global companies for 15 years.

Tracy’s experience includes working on system implementations and integrations of new businesses.  She has written credit policies and procedures, system manuals and has been the team lead on a number of projects that were either driven by legislative changes or purely for process improvement.  She strongly believes in continuous improvement and the importance of customer relationships

In 2014 Tracy decided to launch her own business and bring a completely new concept to the Credit Management industry, with the focus on helping businesses to get their debtors under control and so she began BDM Credit Management.

She knew that if businesses had access to an experienced Credit Manager, then their cash flow problems would be significantly reduced, allowing them to trade, flourish and grow.

BDM’s mission is ‘To enable companies to make the most of the opportunities that a strong cash flow will give them.  To educate and mentor companies and their teams in the best practices in Debtor Management

Tracy believes there needs to be more support and education for business owners to ‘get it right’ with the collection of their accounts, as it is such an integral part of their business, and she wants to be that support.

Tracy Fowler - BDM

Tracy Fowler

I have always felt that if business owners had the access to a credit professional, even for a few hours a week or month, it would make a remarkable difference to their cash flow and to their business. And to their relationships with their customers.

Are you our ideal Client?

We specialise in commercial credit - B2B transactions – and we have 2 very different approaches to how we can help you.

Does this sound like you?

Small to Medium Businesses
You have up to 25 staff working for you, and you supply either goods or services on credit terms.  You don’t have a dedicated person looking after your debtors, and you just don’t have the time or resources to chase your customers for payment as often as you should – and you know that consistency is the key for good collection results.

Ideally you will have a software package that we can access remotely to put notes against your customers when contacting for payment, or allocate payments if you would like this service. If not, we can work from copy invoices or spreadsheets.

Look at our Outsourcing option where we can look after this for you.

Medium to Large Businesses:
You do have a dedicated credit person or team in place, but the money just isn’t coming in as it should. Perhaps you are growing quickly, and your team isn’t coping.  Your staff are stressed and morale is slipping.  You want to avoid additional headcount, but still be able to manage your debtors effectively.

We do a full Assessment and Analysis of your current processes, talk to you about what you want to achieve and then recommend process and procedural changes that will change the way you get paid and work towards best practice. We can then oversee the implementation of the new Policy and Procedures and also offer training and mentoring to your team.

Look at our Debtor Policy and Procedure Review options where we can resolve this for you.

Credit is a specialised field within the Finance function, we have the knowledge and experience that will provide you with the best results for your Receivables Management regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or service provider.

We love doing what we do, and the positive impact that we can have on your business. It really doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in, we can help you.