Welcome to BDM Credit Management

Tracy Fowler is the heart of BDM Credit Management. She has over 30 years’ experience in the credit industry, beginning life as a Credit Officer, moving to Credit Controller, until finally she was National Credit Manager for Australia and New Zealand in two different companies for 15 years. In 2014 Tracy wanted to launch her own business and bring a twist to the credit collection industry, and so she began BDM Credit Management.

Tracy has seen all manner of issues with companies having difficulties paying their invoices, and she has witnessed the many varied ways companies tried to recoup those debts. With all her years of experience, Tracy has found the best solutions to both sides of this equation.

BDM is wholly Australian owned and operated, which is a big plus for this industry, and for you. All current credit outsourcing options are currently based overseas. This can lead to a misunderstanding about Australian culture, some possible clashes with overseas call centres, and has the potential of hurting your relationship with your clients.

She knew that if small businesses had access to a Credit Manager, a virtual Accounts Receivable department, then their cash flow problems would be significantly reduced, allowing them to trade, flourish and grow as a company. And so, here she is.


                I have always felt that if business owners had the access to a credit professional, even for a few hours a week or month, it would make a remarkable difference to their cash flow and to their business.  And to their relationships with their customers.


BDM gives you that opportunity, to have a highly skilled and extensively experienced credit control officer, working for you. It can give your company a more professional feel and the appearance of being larger and more successful.

Who is our ideal Client?

We specialise in Commercial Credit for small to medium businesses. Let’s face it, large businesses can afford their own credit team, they have the ability and resources to have a Credit Professional on a full time basis. No large business or corporation would go without a Credit Team to manage risk and bring in the money!

We want to help small to medium businesses, from sole traders to staff of 20-25 that supply their goods and services on credit and just don’t have time or resources to chase their customers for payment on a regular basis – and consistency is the key for good collection results.

Ideally you will have a software package that we can access remotely to put notes against your customers when contacting for payment, or allocate payments if you would like this service. If not, we can work from copy invoices or spreadsheets.

Or, you may be growing and feel it’s time for a part time or full time Credit Controller in your business – we can help with what you should be looking for, what to ask, and how to implement policy and procedures and ensuring that you have the right fit for your business and your customers.

Alternatively, you may have a Credit Team in place, but the money just isn’t coming in as it should.  Or you are growing fast, and want to avoid additional headcount, but still be able to manage your debtors effectively.  We do a full Assessment and Analysis of your current processes, talk to you about what you want to achieve and then recommend process and procedural changes that will change the way you get paid and work towards best practice.  We then oversee the implementation of the new Policy and Procedures and also offer training and mentoring to your team.

Accountants and Bookkeepers are vital to a small business, as they perform much needed tasks, but so is Credit. Credit is a specialised field within the Finance function, we have the knowledge and experience that will provide you with the best results for your Receivables Management regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or service provider.

We love doing what we do, and the positive impact that we can have on your business. It really doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in, we can help you.