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I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Tracy of BDM Credit Management for the fast and efficient collection of a debt from one of my past clients. Initially, I didn't think there was much hope but Tracy kept plugging away until the client realised they should do the right thing and paid the debt. I found Tracy very professional with excellent communication and getting progress updates was fantastic. I felt connected at every part of the process. I highly recommend BDM Credit Management to assist you with the collection of any outstanding debts.

Caroline Cirami
Caroline Cirami Client engagement specialist
Case Study 1

In February 2015, one of our clients had a customer, ‘AM’, who had a debt owing of $1800. This debt was over 12 months old. Our client had tried collecting, but with no luck. BDM were asked to help.

We phoned AM to try and talk to them, however they would not answer the phone. We then sent SMS messages, again with no luck. We moved to emails, and sent 3 to AM asking for a conversation.

In May of 2015 we sent an Internal Demand Letter, on BDM Letter head, not from our client and not from a solicitor. This letter explained that as we had exhausted all avenues of communication, the file would be placed into the hands of a solicitor if AM had not made contact within 7days.

A few days later, Mrs AM called us. She told us she had no idea of the debt. She offered a long-term payment arrangement, which was accepted by our client. A letter was sent for her to sign and return, agreeing to the payment plan, and the dates of payments to be made.

The last payment was made in May 2016. The debt was paid off, which had our client happy, and AM was happy to have paid it off. You would be surprised how happy a person can feel knowing they have paid off a debt.

While this did take a while to resolve, it is still a positive result. The debt is cleared, no legal costs were incurred, and the debtor is still a valued customer – as a cash sale account.

Case Study 2

In March of 2015 a new client approached us to help them with a debt owed to them by ‘HC’, totalling $8300, which dated back to mid 2013, 2 years.

Initially HC avoided any contact attempts. When we finally spoke with them, they denied any debt, claiming it had all been paid in full.

We then investigated. A full reconciliation of all transactions between our client and HC was completed, after requesting all remittance information from HC

From this investigation we were able to show both parties that there was a debt outstanding. HC accepted this, and offered to pay $5.4k to clear the debt in full, which was accepted by our client. Our client was very happy with this result, and were prepared to write off the difference because they had missing paperwork regarding the difference and could not proceed further without it.

3 hours of our time, and our client had 2 years of debt paid to them, with an acceptable difference.