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BDM, Turning your cashflow, the right way round.

When we tell people what we do for our clients, the response is usually ‘Oh, you’re a Debt Collector”…    Aahh… no… we’re not, and here is why…

A Debt Collector is someone you turn to when the relationship is over between you and your debtor and you just want to get paid for overdue debt.  Debt Collectors are used because the supplier usually does not have the industry knowledge or experience to recover the debt themselves.  A debt collector will charge a flat % of the debt – sometimes up to 35% to recover it for you as well as any legal fees incurred.  They will usually contact your debtor a few times and escalate the debt quite quickly to try to get a result.

A Credit Manager is someone who manages your accounts every single day – they are responsible for making sure that your accounts are kept up to date, your risk is kept to a minimum, your customers are carefully vetted and selected, customer relationships are nurtured, and then, if it doesn’t go well, will know the appropriate steps to take to recover the debt.  They also are always working towards identifying the best processes and procedures to implement within your business to ensure that it all just hums along nicely as your business grows.

A big difference!!

  • We have the experience – we have been doing this a very long time, and we have heard all the reasons why an account hasn’t been paid. We know how to work around reluctant payers, and we can easily manage the most difficult customers with diplomacy and respect.
  • We value relationships – you know that the relationship with your customer is important. We work at establishing and maintaining constructive relationships with your debtors. After all, chasing for payment is another opportunity for good customer service. This will increase your cash flow as well as improve the perception of your business by your customers.
  • Regular Contact - consistency of contact is a key contributor to good collections, we check your accounts each day, and follow up who hasn’t paid.
  • Debtor Strategies - it is very important when deciding what approach to take, what do you want to achieve, how will the debtor react? What is the best way to get paid and keep the customer?
  • Compliance is important to us – we know all about the Competition and Consumer Act, Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA) and the changes to the Privacy Act – we will ensure that you remain compliant at all times.
  • We love what we do – yes, we actually enjoy the challenge of resolving overdue debt, collecting your accounts for you, tidying up those overdue columns and seeing your business improve as a result.
  • You will have more time to focus on what you do best! Growing and building your business.

Outsourcing Services;
Our time together is going to start with a conversation, so we can answer all your questions, understand the biggest pain points in your business relating to cash flow and credit management.

We will look at the following and put together a plan of action;

  • The number of customers you have
  • Your terms of trade
  • The number of overdue accounts
  • How long it has been since you have chased your customers for payment.
  • How much reconciliation/dispute resolution is required

And all of this is free. We want to help you.

We will then offer you a proposal with the services listed and the pricing suited to your business.

One of the best things about using our services is we work to an affordable, weekly retainer, no matter the size of the money owed to you. This means you know how much, per month, you need to invest into your collections.

Consulting Services

  • Debtor Analysis
  • Detailed Process and Policy Review
    • Assessment and Analysis,
    • Implementation and Support
  • Project Lead / Assistance

As you can appreciate, we would need to have a conversation about your needs before submitting a proposal and quote, please feel free to contact us on 1300 164 192  to arrange an obligation free consultation.