Just because it has always been done that way, it doesn’t mean it cannot be done in a better way.  With resources stretched within most businesses the ability to streamline processes and work ‘smarter not harder’ has become more important than ever.  Continuous Improvement is vital.

We offer a 3 step program to bring your Credit Team to where you need it to be:

  1. Assessment and Analysis

To start the process, we have a conversation with you as to what you want your team to achieve.

We then assess and document each and every one of your Accounts Receivable processes, we speak to the stakeholders within your business – Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, as well as your AR team to understand the pain points.  We cant fix it, unless we know exactly what you are doing now.

We will then ask your team to confirm our findings as to current processes.

A new Credit Policy and Procedures is then drafted, (inclusive of recommendations) and is presented to the business, any feedback or issues are taken on board and the Policy is amended until it is suitable to your business before heading into step 2

2. Implementation

This involves rolling out the new Policy to your business, meeting with stakeholders to advise of changes and most importantly, training your staff.   It is important that they understand any changes to their normal duties and how it will affect them.

We also work with you on notifying customers of any changes to your business.

If a master data cleanse is required, then it would be completed within this phase.

3.  Mentoring & Support

It is important that your team knows that they have access to the relevant support whenever they need it.  We offer an ongoing Mentoring and Support program that will enable questions to be answered, we will also do follow up visits in the weeks and months post implementation to assess any concerns or issues you may have.