Need to Get Paid, Stress Less & keep your clients?

Our Outsourcing option will do exactly that for you.

We offer 3 standard packages, any of which can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.


You will receive all of this for a weekly set retainer, which makes it easy to keep your expenses under control AND gives you the peace of mind knowing your customers are being monitored and contacted for payment regularly.

Good collection results come from established and well-maintained customer relationships and of course - consistent contact for payment.

Please see the tasks below that are included in each of our 3 packages – so that you can decide on the best level of assistance that your business needs.

When you have selected the package best suited to your needs, you will be pleased to find that you will receive this service on a set weekly retainer, which makes it easy to keep your expenses under control.

You get paid, as good results come from established and well-maintained customer relationships and of course - consistent contact for payment.  You will stress less due to improved cash flow and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your customers are being monitored and contacted regularly.  And you will keep your clients as we know that your customers are just as important as ours.

BDM Services in detail

We believe in a warm and friendly approach to customer contact. We contact your customers by phone, text and email for payment as they fall due, this can be at 30 days or more, depending on your industry and your requirements.

Consistency of contact and customer relationships are vital for successful collection of your accounts. Your customers are checked daily and the unpaid debtors are contacted for payment.

We diarise a follow up date after each contact to ensure that either payment is received or another contact is required.

We can also offer confirmation calls – this is where we contact the customer a few days before their payment is due – simply to confirm that they have all the invoices for the month and an idea of when they are paying. This is very effective for reducing overdue accounts and improving cash flow. It is also good practice for new accounts, you will find it ‘trains’ them to pay well and in time they will advise they no longer require the call.

If we have basic access to your accounting software, all customer contact is recorded in the notes or diary screen, so you can see immediately the last contact made with your customer.

Sometimes it’s a delay tactic, sometimes they just don’t have a copy of the invoice – we forward copies to customers on request.

It is not unusual for a customer to query an account, and request further clarification on what is outstanding. Or perhaps payments have been allocated incorrectly in the past and things have become a little messy and confusing.
A reconciliation can be required to clearly show the customer what is outstanding, and will usually include back up documentation such as remittances and copy invoices.

Should your customer request a copy of a statement, we can forward it to them.

At the start of each month, we will download an Aged Trial Balance or Debtor Listing from your accounting system. This forms the base of our weekly report to you.
With each customer contact, we note the date of contact and the outcome as well as a follow up date onto the report.
We also colour code the report to highlight any concerns that we may have.
The report is forwarded to you at the end of each week.

Due to many years’ experience, we can pick up on the ‘red flags’ as they begin to appear. Unless it is urgent, the customers that are considered a concern or risk will be colour coded on the report
Yellow – to bring to your attention there may be an issue
Orange – is becoming a real concern
Red – we need to escalate the debt.

We resolve the issues for you, so you can maintain the relationship with your clients.

Sometimes a client will feel embarrassed with their own cash flow problems, which affects their ability to pay you. We can work with both parties to set up a payment plan that sees the debt reduce while still keeping the relationship.

We are experienced negotiators and issue resolvers, and quite often act as a mediator between our client and the debtor to resolve disputes.

Prompt and accurate allocations of payments, either daily or weekly.

We are experienced in a significant number of accounting systems.

If your customers complete a credit application and you have an assessment process – we can do that for you.

We are experienced in processing applications for credit and assessing the credit worthiness of potential customers.

We can run the reporting for you as part of the assessment process for new accounts and credit limit reviews.

A number of our clients have asked us to put accounts on hold within their system when the debt is overdue or if a promised payment has not been received.

We work with you first, to get an understanding of your credit policy and the timing of your credit hold and if/how you want your customer to be advised.

We can also communicate a ‘Stop List’ to your staff on a daily basis, so that all employees know who cannot be supplied until payment is received.

Credit limit reviews should be done on a regular basis to make sure they are relevant for the customers.

We discuss your requirements and apply them for you.

If your business registers your security on the PPS register, we can also take on this task for you.

We have a great deal of experience in lodging and removing registrations, as well as maintaining a spreadsheet or database of registrations for your own records.

Always an option if a customer has not paid you, but only AFTER a number of steps have been taken.

With a wealth of experience in this area, we can look after this for you.

You don’t need a Debt Collector when you have an experienced Credit Manager doing this for you.

There are numerous options available, which depend on the size of the debt and we can manage this for you.

Should the best option be to commence proceedings we have a solicitor that we use that is reasonably priced and very experienced in these matters.

Many of our clients have requested monthly reporting to be completed and distributed throughout their business.

We find out what your requirements are, and what you want included in the reporting.

We then compile the information and distribute as required.

Not sure of what you can do to achieve Better Debtor Management?

Sometimes all you need is someone with a great deal of experience to look at what you are currently doing to get another perspective on the opportunities for improvement.

We offer a service called a Debtor Analysis, this is a broad overview of your debtors – a check on where you are now, and what can be done quite easily to increase your cash flow.

We will spend some time with you and your credit controller and discuss your current practices in 7 key areas within your credit function to get an understanding of your current practices, and what can be done to get you to where you need to be.

On completion of our assessment, you will have a report that will document your current position as well as a series of recommendations that will identify the areas of concern and what can be done to see improvements in both workflow and results.

Detailed Process and Policy Review

Assessment and Analysis

All too often you do what you do because ‘that is the way it has always been done’ without thought of what is no longer working for you.   As your business grows and changes, your policies and processes need to be able to adapt and change with it.

We regularly see credit teams so caught up with simply getting through the workload, that they don’t have the time to step back and see what we can be done to make their lives easier and at the same time enable them to achieve better results.

To improve your collection results and strive for ‘best practice’, we must first have an agreed and measured starting point.  We provide an Assessment and Analysis of EVERY aspect your debtors function, that will detail every single process within your credit team, as well as a review of all current policies, documents and terms and conditions.

At the completion of this detailed analysis, you will receive a comprehensive report that will give you a clear understanding of your current situation, highlighting the issues of concern, and advising what is holding you back.

More importantly, we provide you with the recommendations for each process and policy -  as well as the reasons behind each recommendation -  that needs to be implemented for you to achieve the results that your business wants and needs.

Detailed Policy and Procedure Review

Implementation and Support

This is the best bit – putting all those shiny new recommendations into use!

A new Credit Policy is drafted that is relevant for YOUR business and YOUR needs, that clearly defines each process and policy to be adopted.  As part of the Credit Policy we also include templates for written contact with your debtors.

We have four levels of assistance designed to achieve the smooth implementation of your new Credit Policy.

Please remember we can easily tailor your implementation and the level of support offered to meet your needs.

Level 1
For those of our clients who have an experienced Credit Manager in place and have simply engaged us to perform the Assessment and Analysis and write the Credit Policy, our work is completed on your acceptance of the completed Credit Policy.

Level 2
After agreeing on an appropriate timeline that suits your business. We will have regular updates and meetings with key staff and management during implementation.  We offer training workshops for your credit team on the new Credit Policy and work with your software provider to assist with any amendments or automation of tasks, including system testing.  We also assist with co-ordinating internal and external communications to advise of changes to policy.

Level 3
All components of Level 2 as well as performing a Master Data cleanse.  If changes to your Terms and Conditions have been required, we will also assist with notifications to your customers.   Also included is Mentoring and Support to your team once the Credit Policy is in place.  This is particularly helpful if you have an inexperienced team that may need extra guidance.

Level 4
All components of Levels 2 and 3 are included as well as Personal Property Security (PPS) implementation as well as assistance with recruitment is offered.

Project Lead/Assistance

Every Credit Manager knows how hard it can be to juggle their ‘day job’ as well as commit the time and effort needed for a project to be a success.

How many times have you wished you could bring in someone with the right amount of experience and industry knowledge to listen and understand what you need and ‘just get it done’ for you?

Well, here we are.  We can help you with any project, system enhancement or implementation.